Saturday, 23 September 2017

Family - Part Two - Chapter One

Good evening everyone.

I've managed to get posted early for once so hopefully I might get a decent night's sleep tonight, instead of my usual trick of trying to get my brain to work enough to post at three in the morning.

This week sees the start of the second part of Family and moves the story on about four years. Hermione is now working for the Ministry of Magic and is in a daily battle against depression following on from her captivity at Malfoy Manor. 

*WARNING* This chapter contains references to alcoholism, self-harm and suicidal behaviour, so if this is likely to affect you please don’t read it.

I know this story has been relentlessly grim so far and seems to be getting worse but it does improve eventually, believe me. Hermione is suffering severe mental illness after her isolation and abuse and that doesn't go away overnight. Unfortunately, mental illness is a lifelong battle with ups and downs so this story is going to reflect that.

As always, reviews, comments and kudos are appreciated.

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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Family - Chapter Six

Morning all,

Another quickie as I don't really have much to say. 

In today's chapter of Family things finally get better for Hermione, but not until they have got worse. Surely, it can only improve from now on in, can't it?

I hope you're enjoying the story. If so, a review, comment or kudos would be appreciated. 

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Saturday, 9 September 2017

Family - Chapter Five

Evening all,

It's that time again, the unveiling of the latest chapter of my story, FamilyI did post a warning at the beginning of the story explaining that it wasn't going to be all rainbows and unicorns but it seems that I need to post a reminder.

*WARNING* This story contains non-consensual acts, alcoholism, severe depression, self-harm and suicide attempts among other things, so it's not suitable for anyone who finds this sort of writing a trigger.

Also, this story isn't suitable for those who don't like a nasty Death Eater Lucius (he really isn't a fluffy anti-hero in this story, he's exactly the sort of insane person you would expect after spending time locked away in Azkaban with the Dementors).

Anyway, enough of warnings and onto the story.

Can things possibly get any worse for poor old Hermione? The answer is yes, of course they can. It's time for Draco to make a stand.

As ever, reviews, Kudos, comments etc. are always appreciated particularly if you're finding the story interesting. 

I hope you have a good week and enjoy reading whatever you're reading - please feel free to make recommendations. I'm always open to new stories (fanfic or not).

Keep safe and keep the faith.


Monday, 4 September 2017

Family - Chapter Four

Hi everyone,

I'm back from LeakyCon and completely shattered after an awesome weekend, but I have managed to update Family before I head off to bed. I'm keeping it short as my brain has packed up with tiredness.

This week things aren't getting any better for poor Hermione, and not even Draco can help her this time. 

See you next weekend.


Sunday, 27 August 2017

Family - Chapter Three

Morning all,

I'm running late again as I got sidetracked watching a film and almost forgot I was supposed to be posting today.

This week things are about to take a downward turn for poor Hermione, who still isn't over the death of her parents and still hasn't been allowed to leave Malfoy Manor. New perils and new allegiances await.

Please note that this chapter features a non-graphic non-consensual interlude and the aftermath so you may wish to avoid if this sort of thing bothers you.

I am pleased to see that several people are reading and reacting to this story. I am always grateful for your thoughts and comments. 

The next chapter is going to be slightly delayed as I will be at Leakycon next weekend, celebrating with other Harry Potter fans the epilogue of the Deathly Hallows and all other things Potter - my excitement at meeting the Potter Puppet Pals and the wonderful ladies behind Snapecast (all Snape, all the time!) my all-time favourite HP podcast is almost overwhelming and I really can't wait to be there.

As such, I am unlikely to have access to a computer and, therefore, will not be able to post until I return home on Monday but I will endeavour to have the chapter posted as soon as possible after my return. 

Until next time, keep safe and keep the faith!


Sunday, 20 August 2017

Family - Chapter Two

Good morning everyone,

I am slightly sulking at the moment as I was supposed to be going to the Harry Potter Supper Club being held every Friday and Saturday night throughout August and September at the Library Club in Covent Garden. 

Unfortunately, car trouble meant I was unable to get there and we don't yet know whether we can be transferred to another week (I hope so or that's £150 down the drain). Sadly, my car is also going to cost me money to fix so it's been an extremely expensive evening for absolutely no reward.

Anyway, enough about my frustrating life and onto the story.

Lucius is taking Hermione back to her new home at Malfoy Manor, but is Narcissa going to be as accepting of her as he told Cornelius Fudge she would be? 

I really hope you're enjoying the story so far and would be grateful for comments, kudos and reviews.

Have a good week, and I'll see you next weekend for the next chapter of Family.

Keep safe, keep the faith,


Sunday, 13 August 2017

Family - Part One - Chapter One

Evening all,

It's relatively early for me, which is good as I'm not feeling great and really need to go to bed shortly.

As promised before my holiday, this week sees the start of a major new story called FamilyIt includes a chapter I once posted on both FF.Net and Lumos under the title ‘The Children’ (now removed). It was a snippet of a much larger idea for a story I hadn’t yet written and wasn’t sure if I ever would. I have changed the chapter considerably, but it now forms part of this story; this is just a warning in case you read the original and get a sense of deja vu.

It starts in the school holidays between Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows and follows Hermione as she adjusts to life with a new family after Death Eaters kill her parents. But who is the mysterious person who saved her life and promised to look after her?

‘Don’t worry, my sweet, I’ll look after you.’ These words should have been a comfort to Hermione, grieving after the murder of her parents by Death Eaters. Instead, they signalled the start of a terror far worse. 

WARNING: This story involves non-consensual behaviour and the consequences of such acts including self-harm, suicidal behaviour and alcoholism. Please do not read if this is likely to be a trigger or if you find such descriptions disturbing. Dx

I have taken a chance and posted this on FF.Net because although it deals with disturbing subject matter it isn't particularly graphic; most of the really nasty scenes are left to the imagination. I, therefore, believe that this sits under the site's 'M' rating, which I think means you can read it if you're over sixteen.

I very much hope you enjoy the story and would love to receive reviews, kudos and comments.

I'll see you next week for chapter two; by which time I hope I'm feeling significantly recovered.